Finding A Buyer You Can Trust

Over the years, we at Northern Risk Equity have learned what a good buyer and seller relationship consists of. When you decide to hire us for your merger and acquisitions, here is what you can expect:

  • Northern Risk Equity is represented by one person that can be reached by prospective sellers at any time. 
  • We place our sellers in contact with our buyer directly after the first interview, so we don’t waste time on either end. 
  • Our letter of intent (LOI) is not presented at the beginning of the conversation. We take the time and effort to learn the seller’s wants and needs and construct an offer that will fit both ends. 

What Northern Risk Equity Offers

Our buyer at Northern Risk Equity collectively manages $12,000,000 in revenue currently, and we’re part of a larger organization which manages over $250,000,000. The larger organization we work with provides us with back end operational and accounting and allows us access to capital for acquisitions.

While both parties are quite large, we do not compete with capital sources. Northern Risk Equity’s niche is in property and casualty, group health, and some personal lines. Our focus is to acquire agencies and books less than $3,000,000. 

Experience and Mindset 

When looking to sell your insurance agency, it’s important to seek out organizations with adequate experience and the right mindset to ensure a smooth and fair process. At Northern Risk Equity, we have extensive knowledge and a great mindset when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. Here are a few examples for starters: 

  • We have personally been involved in numerous transactions, showcasing our robust expertise in terms of getting deals done. 
  • Our goal is that the merger & acquisition process is positive so that sellers would be willing to refer us to their colleagues. 
  • We understand that this can be an onerous process, so we try to make it as seamless as possible.
  • If you ask us a direct question about any step of the process, you will receive a direct and honest answer. 
  • We know all too often that sellers get stuck with buyers that are “out of their depth.” At Northern Risk Equity, we make sure it is a good fit on both sides and will not waste your time.