Steps Involved in Selling Your Insurance Business

Tired of making extra phone calls? Wanting to skip meetings? Wish you could put more time into another passion? It’s probably time to sell your insurance business. At Northern Risk Equity, we understand the blood, sweat, and tears you put into your insurance agency, and we’re here to give you the returns you deserve while taking the burden of business off your shoulders. We specialize in agencies offering employee benefits, property, and casualty insurance. 

Simplify Your Sale

Plan ahead if possible.

  • Exit strategies are best defined two to five years before any sale happens. You’ll want to do research, define your sales terms, and make your agency as appealing as possible by cleaning up your financials. 

Determine your agency’s value.

  • This is where research is your friend. We encourage you to check out our page on how to value your agency. Get professional input if necessary to make sure you do your agency’s value justice. 

Define exactly what you’re selling.

  • Are you selling the physical home of your agency as well as the agency itself? Do you want to lease the space? In many cases, it’s far less complicated to sell the assets separately.  

Decide if you want to use a brokerage firm.

  • A qualified advisor can help you complete your due diligence and make the most of your agency sale. If you choose a brokerage, you can get advice on when to sell and how to maximize your success. 

Optimize the terms of the sale. 

  • Terms usually include a down payment and balance payoff. The key is working with your buyer to maintain full disclosure so you both get optimal results. 

Choose Northern Risk Equity for all your agency sales needs.