You’ve worked hard to build your book, earning the trust of customers one at a time. What you’ve done is no easy feat. Now, you’re looking to change things up. Getting the best value for your hard work simply isn’t an option. But how do you identify a great offer? Well, you have to know what you deserve. You need to understand the true value of your business. 

The value of an insurance agency is made up of several parts. We understand this because we’ve had the privilege of acquiring agencies. When valuing an insurance business, we focus on the following factors: 

  • Revenue history
  • Reputation and client retention
  • Cash and asset management
  • Location and number of offices
  • Sales management
  • Current state of insurance markets
  • Technology assets
  • Employee quality and productivity

When you work with Northern Risk Equity, we’ll walk you through the process so you feel confident and pleased with our offer. We specialize in serving agencies offering employee benefits, property insurance, and casualty insurance. Choose our years of experience with mergers and acquisitions and our commitment to your interests today.