If you’re selling your insurance agency, you deserve a great price. It can be difficult to navigate all the complexities on your own and come out the other side with good results. A professional broker can fix all this. The key is finding a broker who is a good fit for your business. 

Find the Right Ally For You

In our years of experience, we’ve learned what great brokers look like. We’ve also learned what to avoid. Check out important considerations you should make below. 

  • What kind of experience does the broker have? 
    • Look for brokers with credentials from the International Business Brokers Association to ensure you’re getting a professional with years of experience. 
  • Is the broker familiar with your industry? 
    • You don’t want a broker who handles general businesses. Look for a professional who understands your unique industry and knows what makes sense and what doesn’t. 
  • Does the broker handle deals as big as you need? 
    • A broker who handles deals far larger than yours may neglect you, whereas a broker unprepared to handle the size of your deal may fail to protect your interests. 
  • Will the broker lay out the process and keep you informed? 
    • It’s normal to want to know what to expect. Ask what the broker’s entire process involves. Also, ask how the broker will keep you in the loop. 
  • How long of a commitment does the broker want? 
    • Businesses take an average of nine months to sell, but you can break it up into increments to give you an exit option if needed. 
  • What does your gut tell you? 
    • You should get along with your broker. It’s all about teamwork, so choose someone you can stand to be around!

Selling your business is a very important process, and a great broker can pave your path to success. Contact Northern Risk Equity to learn more.